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Learn how to spot and fix problems that are harming your town's water. Click here for registration form and more information!

The Massachusetts Watershed Coalition will offer unique training this summer (2013) about simple ways to restore stream life and revive the uses of local streams and lakes. This Stormwater Advocates Training (SWAT) program includes a mix of workshop sessions, guidance materials and fieldwork that will enable participants to reduce polluted runoff.

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Stormwater from streets, parking areas and other hard surfaces is the leading water quality challenge across the state. One acre of paving produces a million gallons of runoff per year, and this dirty, oily water damages brooks and ponds. Rapid runoff also limits groundwater recharge and lowers stream flows in dry seasons. This runoff is produced by the entire community and everyone can be part of the solution.

Communities are often unaware that streets are pollution pathways, and many local officials are unfamiliar with opportunities to disconnect streets from waterways. SWAT workshops are designed for people who want to help their communities with runoff remedies. Expert speakers will present practical guidance for municipal boards, local stormwater committees, lake associations, watershed organizations and community groups. Topics will include:

  • Aquatic life and polluted runoff
  • How to identify problems and estimate pollutant loading
  • Lower cost methods to stop stormwater damages
  • Sources of information and assistance

SWAT participants will attend two workshops and conduct dry and wet weather observations. MWC staff will help participants to select practices to achieve the most pollutant reduction for the least cost. MWC staff will also assist participants to present their findings and recommend stormwater solutions to municipal boards.

SWAT training is planned for two locations. Central MA workshops are scheduled for Saturday July 20 (9 am-1pm) and Tuesday July 23 (5-9 pm) at the Broad Meadow Brook Sanctuary in Worcester. Western MA workshops are scheduled for Saturday, August 24 (9 am-1pm) and Thursday August 29 (5-9 pm) in Northampton at a location to be arranged. Registration fee is $40 for workshop sessions, training materials and refreshments.

A detailed description of the SWAT workshops will be available soon. Please pass on this information to anyone who may be interested - all are welcome. For more information, please email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or phone 978-534-0379.

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