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Rain Gardens

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Rain gardens attract birds and butterflies, while protecting streams, lakes and ponds. Planted with native flowers, shrubs, and grasses, rain gardens can thrive without fertilizers and pesticides. These gardens store rain for a few hours, allowing the water to seep into the ground. This helps to recharge ground waters that replenish streams and ponds between rain events. The plants and soils also filter pollutants and remove nutrients that harm water quality.

raingarden250A rain garden creates a holding area that fills with a few inches of rain after a storm and keeps that water from flowing into storm drains in the street. This type of garden allows about a third more water to soak into the ground than the same size lawn. Since the water quickly drains into the ground, the rain garden does not provide a breeding area for mosquitoes.

Rain gardens can make our yards, neighborhoods, and downtown shopping areas more attractive, while improving the health of ecosystems. These vibrant landscape highlights will allow homeowners and businesses alike to contribute directly to cleaner water.

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