Clean Water Toolkit


toolkit-coverThe Clean Water Toolkit is a user-friendly guide to practices that will protect and restore streams, lakes and water supplies in your community. This interactive tookit is available as a compact disc and on the web:

Download the Clean Water Toolkit... (PDF)

Also known as the Massachusetts Nonpoint Source Management Manual, this guide was prepared by Geosyntec Consultants, Inc. with the assistance of many experts from state, federal and private organizations.

This toolkit is designed for municipal officials and residents in Massachusetts. As explained by the toolkit:

What's in This Chapter?

"There is no one best way to control or prevent nonpoint source pollution. Just as there is a wide range of potential nonpoint source pollution sources, there is an equally wide array of possible solutions. In fact, there are hundreds of techniques and approaches to control nonpoint source pollution.

This manual was designed for the local official as a reference and guidance document, to help identify the most appropriate nonpoint source control measures for specific situations. This manual is not intended to be read cover-to-cover. Rather, it is an interactive reference document that should help to quickly identify a topic and possible solutions.  In this manual you will find many examples of water quality problems that can result from new development as well as other activities such as boating, agriculture, lake and pond management, onsite wastewater management, etc.

We hope that through the discussion and many examples that you will find solutions to the water quality problems that you face."

Table of Contents: Massachusetts Nonpoint Source Management Manual